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WINESTONE LAVAL is not just a lending organization that provides home and business financing and ownership solutions to seniors and their families across Canada and U.S.A.
This top-rated lender was selected by Canadian Seniors to help 50+ people manage mortgages, insurance and real estate transactions to enhance the lives that they touch.

Carmine’s Team also helps Canadians have an easier time accessing financing in the U.S.

Snow birds looking to buy a property south of the boarder in Arizona, Nevada and Florida can rest easy knowing that Carmine D'Avino’s Team is also highly experienced in U.S. real estate.


Carmine D’Avino CFP, FMA
Director of Sales
Mortgage Agent Licence No. M13001295
Certified Financial Planner
Dominion Lending Centres Winestone Laval & Co. – FSCO Licence # 12274 – Independently 

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Office: 4500, Hwy. 7, Suite 202, Vaughan, ON L4L 4Y7 Phone: 647-298-7163