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Nordic Pol Walking - A great vigorous exercise that ANYONE CAN DO! It's like x-country skiing but on trails & sidewalks. POSTURE, PANT SIZE & ENERGY are the first to respond! Easy, convenient, effective, low cost, & fun. IF YOU CAN WALK, you can Nordic pole walk.

THE CANADIAN WALKING ACADEMY & NORDIXX POLE WALK CANADA…..launched successfully in Victoria June 2012! Victoria’s MASTER INSTRUCTOR: Linda Schaumleffel

DR. KLAUS SCHWANBECK founder of the Canadian Walking Academy and NORDIXX POLE WALKING CANADA

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See this Checklist of 10 major health conditions to see if you are on the list. It is challenging to believe that so much is possible, but we have science on our side! All these scientific studies were based on the research group Nordic pole walking 2-3 times 30 minutes per week!

The Checklist: Health Benefits at a Glance 6-2012


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