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Seniors and their Families love Jamie Maclean Fine Art 

50+ people searching for affordable commissioned pieces of artwork to hang up in a special room, or to give as a gift. Will be delighted with, Jamie Maclean Fine Art Collection. Specializing in Canadian landscape Jamie Maclean personalized pieces of artwork are breathtaking with vibrate colors, and real life expressions. 

Do you have a favourite Canadian landscape seen you would like commissioned into a piece of classic artwork? Jamie Maclean is happy to take your favourite Canadian landscape and commemorate it onto canvas or metal, turning any Canadian landscape image into a beautifully authentic piece of commissioned artwork.

Do you like Pillows? Get a Jamie Maclean,Pillow Paintings on 100% Polyester upholstery canvas. The Print is Double Sided, Fade-resistant and solvent-free. You can actually sleep on his artwork. 

Interested in discussing further details, use the Book a Quote button to send an email directly to Jamie, making the subject of your note "Commission Inquiry" 


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Toronto, Ontario Canada Phone: (416) 602-6156