The longevity network’s reservation tool makes is easy to find companies, connect with BA’s and schedule appointments directly with top rated local service providers

How it Works

Find service providers and clubs across 6 categories

Schedule FREE no obligation sales appointments with trusted business associates.

Report back your experiences by sending in reviews. Companies that deliver positive experiences to 50+ consumers will reap the rewards.


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Why is a great referral & review site?
  • No referral fee’s. Consumers deal directly with providers.
  • Companies and providers are recommended by 50+ consumers.
  • Reviews come from real people who share their experiences on the longevity network.

Looking for a home repair or healthcare professional? …....................…It’s easy!

Search the longevity network for a provider you are interested in hiring. And use the book button under the companies profile to schedule a sales or service request with them.

Sends a sales / service reservation directly to the company you want to hire. A copy of the request is also emailed to you.