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Older adults & seniors living across Ontario that enjoy cooking their own meals, but don’t like having to the go to grocery store to shop for the ingredients. Should try using the Chefs Plate, to have their fresh ingredients delivered.   

The Chefs Plate Experience, Is a convenient ideal way for older adults and seniors too busy or unable to go food shopping that want to cook their own fresh meals. This top-rated food provider delivers freshly-prepared-ingredients in a refrigerated box right to your front door.


It’s so simple, all you have to do is choose from original recipes created by the Chefs Plate culinary team & guest chefs and wait for the fresh ingredients to be delivered.  If you’re not home, don’t worry. The Ingredients arrive to your door in a refrigerated box so your food stays fresh, no signature required to accept delivery. You can choose the delivery day that works best for you!

The Chefs Plate has built direct relationships with Canadian farmers, of the highest standards for only the freshest food. These locally sourced specialty ingredients are fresher than the supermarket.

No waste! Ingredients are pre-portioned for each recipe.

If you feel like cooking fresh ingredients from original chefs recipes without having to go to the grocery store, call the Chefs Plate today

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